Asesoramiento Fiscal, Laboral y Contable. Gestoría Administrativa. Administración de Fincas.

Analysis and study customer globalized for the implementation of tax deductions and benefits under the legislation, seeking to minimize tax cost.

Ongoing advice:

Permanent attention by our experts, on all sorts of issues that may arise from the client about their tax obligations and likewise of any news that may affect it.

In Tax we cover among others the following:

  • Dressmaking Model 390 (Annual Summary VAT)
  • Clothing Form 190 (Annual Summary PIT)
  • Dressmaking Model 180 (Summary Annual Withholding Tax Holiday)
  • Dressmaking Model 347 (Operations over 3005.6)
  • Dressmaking Model 349 (Intra-Community Acquisition and Delivery)
  • Intrastat declarations
  • High / Low / Change IAE
  • High / Low / Census Variation (Mod. 036/037)
  • Complaints to the Inland Revenue
  • Request forms Finance
  • Request NIF
  • Quarterly Dressmaking model 303 (VAT)
  • Confection Quarterly Model 111 (Retentions Workers PIT)
  • Confection Quarterly Model 130 (Withholding Income Tax Professionals)
  • Dressmaking Model 115 (Withholding income tax holiday)
  • Request NIF final


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